Wisconsin T-Shirt Retailer Tackles Twitter and Google Live Search

Important comments about getting in Google Real-Time or Live Search results:

1 – Google’s real-time search features regional/local Twitter users

2 – Some Twitter users featured in Google’s live search had less than 100 followers

3 – Twitter user’s featured actively tweeted. They usually had over 200 tweets

Leave a comment if you found this video helpful or if you have questions about Google’s Live search.


Doug Stewart

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Wisconsin T-Shirt Retailer Tackles Twitter and Google Live Search by
  • michellesalater

    Awesome post and video. Thanks for doing the research and sharing with the rest of us. My question is this — how does this change regular search? Or does it? What tips do you have for companies who have little time and manpower to research the ever-changing world of search.

    Hint, hint: I'd like to see more on Google Live Search…

  • http://www.powertofightthebigboys.com/ Doug Stewart

    Michelle, You read my mind. This video and post doesn't cover the Google Live Search topic in as much detail as I'd like. So stay tuned. I'm putting together another post with more details for you and other Power to Fight the Big Boys readers.

    You also asked how this changes regular search. There is an important lesson on how Google assigns authority hidden in this research. I'll show you more about this in my next post. If you aren't following us on Facebook or by RSS, go ahead and subscribe today. You'll be notified as soon as the next post is on the blog.

  • sconnie

    Awesome post! We didn't even know Google Live picked us up. We just continued to Tweet about t-shirts we had and topics relevant to our Followers (most of whom are Green Bay Packer fans). Thanks for covering us!

  • McKinney

    Doug were you born in Texas?

  • http://www.powertofightthebigboys.com/ Doug Stewart

    No. But I did live in Texas for close to 20 years

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