Using Social Media Correctly Gives Your Customers and Community More Power

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Recently I read “The Whuffie Factor” by Tara Hunt. Tara has consulted several well known businesses about building communities. Her finger is on the pulse of social media. She understands how to use it to harness the power of your company’s fans and your company’s evangelists.

The main premise of “The Whuffie Factor” is that your social capital, the value you give to the online community, drives sales. It is as important as profits and revenues. If not more so.

Here is What You Need to Learn from Tara Hunt and Others Like Her

Integrating social media marketing correctly into your business can cause a fundamental shift in how you do business. Your company’s evangelists can use online social media tools to brag about your services to friends. Integrating social media marketing into your business can be a spark that ignites explosive growth in your business. If you want a growing, healthy business for your children and grandkids, you’ll want to embrace these changes now.

Businesses are built to serve customers. But customers have never really been considered part of most businesses. Many companies pay lip service to listening to customers and getting feedback. Many companies work to be active in their communities. But most companies haven’t made their customers and their community an integral part of their business. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media, bringing your customers and potential customers into your company is becoming easier and easier.

Lane Becker, President of Get Satisfaction, gave the following presentation at a conference for managing website users’ experiences. He talks about how social media and some companies are already experiencing this phenomenon (his presentation lasts for 32 minutes and 58 seconds):

A Great Place to Start: Place Your Customers at the Top of Your Organization Chart

Open the communication channel to your customers. Make your website, your Facebook page, and other social media pages easy to share with friends. Use services like “add this” and “tweetmeme” on your blog.

Here are a few more ways to open the communication between your business and your customers and your community:

  • Create forums for your customers.
  • Set-up a Twitter account just for faster feedback and support.
  • Create contests for customers to create your next features on your product or service.
  • Create contests to help your customers share your business with their friends.
  • Proudly raise funds for your community.
  • Crowdsource your community. Let your fans self select

Give power to your customers and community. Social media if used with the idea of helping your customers become fans, evangelists and consultants for your business can power your business to massive growth.


Doug Stewart

“Giving You the Power to Fight the Big Boys!”

Using Social Media Correctly Gives Your Customers and Community More Power by
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  • Doug Stewart

    You’re right. Social media isn’t a magic bullet. From your comment, you probably didn’t read the post. It’s all about serving your community and serving your prospective clients. If you’re using social media with an attitude of service, everyone wins.

  • Miami Car Accident Lawyer

    OK, first, to be fair, social media IS NOT a magic bullet, or more specifically, not every social media platform is for everyone. As in the case with every business, try to determine first who your customers are, how to reach them and how to serve them …