12 Ways Small Business Owners Can Become the Big Dog Online In 2012

Big DogAre you a small business owner looking for a plan to dominate your niche online next year? Here are twelve actions you can take for online success:

  1. Define your prospects or online audience well. Create a persona. Then make sure all your online communications are created with your ideal clients in mind.
  2. Create your online elevator speech. Tighten your online message so people can quickly catch your business promise. Put it on your website, blog and social media accounts
  3. Start a company blog
  4. Set-up social media accounts
  5. Brainstorm at least 48 articles or blog post topics. Publish at least 4 per month to your blog in 2012
  6. Add an email newsletter if you don’t already have one. Build your email subscriber list
  7. Connect with local reporters on Twitter. Build a relationship with them
  8. Plan at least one live local event with a portion of sales going to charity. Send online press releases. Promote through social media accounts and blog posts
  9. Connect your website and blog to automatically post updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms
  10. Create regularly scheduled social media activities
  11. Plan and implement a social media contest to grow Facebook friends and Twitter followers
  12. Promote local charities, local bloggers and causes in your community through social media

With all of the options available to market your business online today, small business owners can become overwhelmed. That’s why this list is important. Print it out. Use it as the groundwork for your online marketing plan.

Back when I sold IBM equipment, I used to pick the top sales guy’s brain all the time. The best advice he ever gave me was, “Plan your work. Work your plan.” The above list is a great place to start. But you have to work it.


Doug Stewart
“Giving You the Power to Fight the Big Boys”

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