Social Media and Search Engine Overwhelm: What’s a Business Owner to Do?

43 Americans converted to smartphones in the minute it took you to read this

Your prospects are bombarded with messages and distractions like never before —

Can anyone simplify all that’s happening online and produce effective marketing? You know, marketing that brings-in new clients day-in and day-out.

Frantically posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, your blog, your YouTube channel, Pinterest, Instagram and tweeting whenever you get a chance will make a small business owner go crazy.

Google is changing their algorithms every week. Google is hiding more and more keyword data from us every day. And Google is reducing the number of websites it shows on first page results. If you rely on Google search for most of your lead generation, it’s time to add some more tools to your toolbox.

Stop. Take a deep breath. Then …

Turn off your iPhone or Android for a second. Step away from Facebook and everything else you’re doing. Stop and think. Let’s find a common denominator among all this clutter.

The Common Denominator

First thing in the morning do you check your email? Do you check Facebook? What do you use to check your email or Facebook? Where are your contacts? On your smartphone, right?

If you’re like most business owners, you check your smartphone several times a day.

You on My MindThe Fastest & Easiest Way to Get Your Message in Your Prospect’s Head

The easiest way into a person’s smartphone is through email or Facebook. And email is still the most used “app” on smartphones.

When someone reads an email, they usually hear themselves speaking the words in their head. The voice from an email is their voice, just like their own thoughts.   What a great spokesperson for your business; your prospect.

  • Email is still one of the most popular online activities: 92% of U.S. adults online use email (Pew Research Center 08/09/2011).
  • 86% of people 18 and over share content via email (Marketing Profs October 2010).

The statistics above were taken from Email: The Forgotten Social Network

You Probably Already Have What You Need to Start Your Own Email Marketing Program

There are a lot of good email marketing solutions available today. But I want to show you a very simple solution for integrating email into your marketing efforts immediately. If you have a website built with WordPress you’re already able to start email marketing quickly and easily.

Freddie MailChimpInstall the MailChimp Plugin for WordPress

If you have WordPress then add the MailChimp plugin. MailChimp has great set-up instructions and MailChimp is free as long as you have under 2,000 subscribers and send fewer than 12,000 emails per month. If you want us to help you, call DSC Web Services, Inc at 918-409-2372

Automatically Email New Articles and Blog Posts on a Regular Basis

As long as you add articles and blog posts, MailChimp will automatically email your subscribers updates. It’s that simple. But you will have to post new content on a regular basis to your website or blog.

You’re also able to have your articles/blog posts feed your Facebook page with Networked Blogs.

If your website or blog isn’t built with WordPress, I recommend you change that as fast as you can. There are too many advantages to using WordPress as your website’s content management tool.


Doug Stewart

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Social Media and Search Engine Overwhelm: What's a Business Owner to Do? by
  • Doug Stewart

    MailChimp isn’t the right email marketing tool for everyone. But it is a great tool for beginners. You have to start somewhere. 

  • Megan Tegtmeyer

    If you are using Constant Contact instead of MailChimp, here’s a good WordPress plugin that will auto dump emails from your website to your mailing list:

  • Doug Stewart

    Thanks Megan. Constant Contact is a great email marketing solution.