Can Social Media like Twitter and Facebook Help You Get Better Search Engine Rankings?

Check out this recent video from Google’s Matt Cutts. In the video below Matt talks about how Google uses Twitter and Facebook links as ranking signals. Testing and Signals of Influence When Matt talks; search engine experts listen. Everyone wants to know what Google is “really up to.” Here are my 3 major takeaways from this talk: 1. Google is still testing how […]

Using Social Media Correctly Gives Your Customers and Community More Power

  Recently I read “The Whuffie Factor” by Tara Hunt. Tara has consulted several well known businesses about building communities. Her finger is on the pulse of social media. She understands how to use it to harness the power of your company’s fans and your company’s evangelists. The main premise of “The Whuffie Factor” is that your social capital, the value […]

When Probortunity Knocks, Answer!

When “Probortunity” Knocks, Answer!

“Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.” – Richard Bach I got a new printer this week. One of my clients sent it to me. He’s been a client for close to 9 years now. He’s been a friend for 12. After unpacking the printer, I hooked it up to my PC. […]